Broadsheet Handout Successful!

Our broadsheet handout was a great success!!! Many thanks to all our friends and supporters!!!

Yesterday we had many important conversations with people visiting from all around the globe, and also spoke with veterans, college students, construction workers, and other everyday citizens.  

They all agreed there is a problem in the US, and part of it is called the Police State. We encouraged them to start change by not being afraid to have conversations about what they see with friends and family. Change doesn’t have to come in a grandiose form. It can and should start with a conversation. With all this in mind, we confidently move forward with plans to print the 24 page newspaper, and expand this crucial conversation.  Some quotes from yesterday:

“What you are doing is very important.  When it comes to the US, there are two countries.  The one we see on TV, and then the real one.”   – Chilean visitor outside of the MET

“This is a very imorptant project, I wish you guys luck.” – Vietnam Veteran outside the MET

“You’re on my wavelength.”  – woman exiting MoMA

“It’s good you guys are acknowledging this problem.”  – Guggenheim visitor

“Beautiful.  What you are doing is very important.”  – New Museum visitor

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