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More Art From The Moonshiner

Well not surprisingly, we have all survived the end of the world.  To celebrate, we wanted to share some more art from the first issue with you!  Below we have included a montage of different elements from selected pages.

Starting with the upper left, and moving in a clockwise direction:  a pen and ink drawing  of cameras for pages 6 and 7; a fragment of the front cover with text; a pen and ink drawing for the front cover; the masthead which will appear on top of the front page; a handwritten swirling mass of keywords monitored by the NSA for page 5; another fragment of the front page; and a collage of police state imagery for page 3. MS Update Collage FLAT FINAL website


First Issue: Page Two

This is page two of The Moonshiner!  It functions as a timeline, a dense block of text wrapping it’s way toward the jail cell. Beginning with the internment of the Japanese in 1942, the timeline moves through the remainder of the 20th century, into the 21st, and beyond into a hypothetical future.


The Militarization Of Our Domestic Police Forces

Americans are losing touch with themselves.  Many of us are numbed by mindless television, medicated on brain altering pharmaceuticals, and eat what could hardly be called food.  It’s time to help each other wake up.  Last night’s shooting in Oregon was a tragedy, not due to a lack of gun control, but rather because we are all being poisoned.  As we are being poisoned, our domestic police force is slowly being turned into a military operation.  Remember Iraq?  Or Afghanistan?  Unfortunately, it’s coming home.  Look at the “police” patrolling after the shooting in the photo below—case in point.  

The vulnerability we all experience after tragedies always seems to be used for gain—but for who?  Certainly not US citizens.  With each tragedy we lose more of our Constitutional rights, adding insult to injury.  

Portland Shooting

Photo by Randy Rasmussen

The Moonshiner Kickstarter

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