Today’s post is the first of a planned series, entitled The Eugenicists, which will investigate the lives of some of the most recognized and brilliant minds of the past and present.  Unfortunately, the individuals we will be focusing upon maintained or currently maintain a sordid outlook upon humanity, and demanded or do still demand complete control over the lives of others.  The revelations presented here will help guide the next phase of The Moonshiner.

The title of this post, “YOUTH IS (not always) WASTED ON THE YOUNG…”, is an innocent enough quote (emphasis added) from Nobel Prize winning Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw.   The series will be presented in no particular order—for example today’s post on George Bernard Shaw was inspired by a group of four teenage students from Chicago.  Their participation in a recent spoken word poetry contest shows the immediacy, the wherewithal, and the courage of our youth to stand up to the tyranny of their world, and fight back with their most important weapon in their arsenal: their minds.

So Mr. Shaw, as the two videos below show, you were wrong about the validity of life, and also that The Youth is (not always) Wasted on the Young.

G.B. Shaw

Chicago Spoken Word Group

(Click on images above for link to videos)

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